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Teacher Information

Tarrant High School Library Media Center

Teacher Information

General Information and Guidelines:

  • Books for class purposes check out for up to two (2) months. DVDs check out for up to one (1) month at a time.
  • The library has class sets of titles (both fiction and nonfiction) that are available for check out. The check-out time can be adjusted on these titles to correspond with the length of your unit.
  • The library has a laminator and poster printer for teacher use. Please send the librarian an email with an approximate time for coming down to use the laminator and/or poster printer.
    • Laminator: I will need at least a 20 minute notice to warm up the machine.
    • Poster Printer: Bring a printed out version of your poster on a standard piece of paper. Color options are white text on blue, blue text on white and black text on yellow. (Note: Does not print colored text or complex images).
  • Technology Check-Out: The library will house technology tubs with iPads as well as carts with classroom sets of laptops. These will be available for you to check out. Please see the Technology Check-Out Procedures sheet for more information.
  • Classroom Reservations: If you want to bring your whole class to the library for any reason (research, collaborative lesson, group work, checking out books), you MUST fill out the Library Schedule Sign Up form. See instructions below. (Note: This also includes meetings!)
  • The library should not be unlocked for any reason until the librarian is present. If the librarian is absent, the library will be closed.

Whole-Class Visitation Reservation Procedures:

  • You must make a reservation to bring your class into the library (or schedule me to visit your class) at least 48 hours (2 days) in advance if possible. (The sooner you make a reservation, the better! Especially for collaboration projects!)
  • Before you fill out the reservation sign-up form, please check the Google calendar to make sure the day and periods you want to visit are available.
  • Fill out the THS Library Schedule Sign Up form, giving as much detail and description as possible.
    • If you are planning on coming multiple days in a row, you can indicate that on the Google form.
    • If you are planning on coming two or more different, non-sequential days, please fill out a separate form for each day.
  • I will email you to confirm your reservation and ask any follow-up questions within 24 hours. Please respond to any follow-up questions in a timely manner. Your reservation will be added to the Library calendar within that time as well.
    • If your requested visit times are not available, we will work together to make sure your time can get scheduled.
  • Note: If in our planning process we decide that the lesson would be better taught in your classroom, I will come to you! But please follow this same procedure so that we can get it on my schedule!

The Day of Your Whole-Class Visit:

  • Please meet in your classroom for attendance first. Then walk down to the library as a class.
  • You are expected to remain with your class while they are working in the library, assisting in with supervision and and the instruction.
  • Substitutes will be able to bring the class to a scheduled library visit if you are not here ONLY if it has been pre-approved by me. 
    • If you know you will be absent on a day you are reserving the library for your class to work on research/group projects, just note it on the lesson description portion of the sign-up form.
    • If you are unexpectedly absent and have not scheduled a library visit at least 2 days in advance, you cannot send your class to the library with a sub. All library visits MUST be scheduled in advance.

Student Passes:

  • Each student MUST have a BLUE library pass to come to the media center
  • Upon arrival students must sign in at the circulation desk via Google Form.
  • Without individual passes students will be sent back to class for the proper pass.
  • During scheduled class times, other students will be admitted to the media center for reference work as space permits.

Purchase Requests:

Please submit a request form for purchases that you feel will enhance our library program. Be sure to include any resource material you need for your research projects or for professional development. We need and want your suggestions!

Lesson Collaboration:

Do you have a lesson or unit that is tired and needs a creative touch? Is there something new that you would like to try in your classroom and need help? Would you like to integrate technology but need some guidance and planning help? Do you just want a second mind to bounce ideas off of? Call on me! I am more than willing to be a creative, collaborative partner for any lesson you want to go deeper with! I am excited to push the traditional boundaries of classroom learning and enhancing the learning experience for our students.

If you would like to collaborate with me, send me an email with your general idea or with the lesson/unit/standards you are stuck on and we can start a dialogue. Or if you’d rather talk in person, email me to set up a time for you to stop by and chat! Let’s get creative and innovative to get our students learning deeper!

A Final Note:

I am all about creative, innovative, and deeper learning for our students. I want to see them succeed in learning AND you succeed in teaching. Please do not hesitate to ask me for any type of assistance, no matter how big or how small. My doors are always open!

Let’s have a great year!
—Mrs. Powell | School Library Media Specialist